The Wooran Foundation,
the artistic landscape of an everyday city

The Seongsu-dong factory site, in which the traces of industrialization in the 1970s which remained like fossils in the city, has recently drawn attention as a cultural space in the urban regeneration movement. However, Seongsu-dong, which still has the old urban scents, reminds us of a trivial truth that all the finished goods we consume are eventually made at the fingertips of people. This is a place where the scents the change of sounds depend on the material handled at each factory block, mixed with the honking sound of motorcycles, meanings of living. The Wooran Foundation is manifesting a new space with synesthesia in Seongsu-dong, Seoul, where we are open to all sounds, scents, lights, and textures.

The Wooran Foundation's space started with the question, ‘What is the kind of place where people are eager to stay for their everyday inspiration?'. We envisioned a space that is in harmony with the surrounding scenery rather than being special, and a space that causes the feeling of tension with exotic beauty but permeates into the local atmosphere and culture.

The buildings is constructed with the mass concrete offering a completely different view for each space because of 360-degree windows and terraces. There is a vibrant cityscape from sunrise to sunset outside the window. Indoor space with the natural light, ever-changing lights and shadows, reveals a new face of the buildings.

A Space where external and internal gazes cross and inspire each other. The Wooran Foundation hopes that all those who stay here can experience natural stimulation and inspirational time.

Space filled with blank

The Chinese character of ‘景’ is pronounced both as ‘Gyeong’, which means the sunlight and as ‘Young’, which means the shadow. The character contains all the meanings of the light that illuminates things harmoniously and the shadow created by the light so in this scenery, Gyeong, we could create the harmony of the light and shadow. The Wooran Foundation erases the characteristics of spaces from the name of each space. By using the title of Gyeong (景), we put our expectations on an artistic landscape that will spread freely in each space without any prejudice.

The Wooran Foundation’s main spaces located from the first to third floors are ART SCAPE 1 to 5. By breaking the barrier between the audience and the stage, and minimizing the function of exhibition and performance, this untitled space will be reinterpreted every time and renewed as a space for infinite possibilities.

About Our Space BI

The typography frame is developed using the vowel ‘ㅏ’ and the final consonant ‘ㄴ’ from ran(란) of the foundation name ‘Wooran (우란)’. It visualizes the special meaning of a liberal culture platform, and the philosophical value of unlimited possibilities.

We added a wit by containing ‘Gyeong(경)’, the space name of the Wooran Foundation, inside the typography frame and expressing ‘景’, the Chinese character ‘Gyeong’, as a superscript outside the typography frame.


ART SCAPE 1, located on the 1st floor of the Wooran Foundation, is the space to present various projects focused on visual arts. (area: 162.4 ㎡)

ART SCAPE 2, located on the 2nd floor of the Wooran Foundation, is the space that can be unrestrictedly measured off due to the unfixed stage and seats. (area: 327.2 ㎡)

ART SCAPE 3, located on the 3rd floor of the Wooran Foundation, is the residency studio where talented people from various fields can collaborate and do an in-depth study on subjects. (area: 72.3 ㎡)

ART SCAPE 4, located on the 3rd floor of the Wooran Foundation, is the recording studio to allow creators to do various musical experiments to suit their needs. (area: 48.3 ㎡)

ART SCAPE 5, located on the 3rd floor of the Wooran Foundation, is the residency studio where talented people in the arts and culture field can move in, expand the boundaries of the senses and explore progressive works. (area: 74.6 ㎡)