Artistic Venue Surrounded by Everyday Cityscape

The architecture of the Wooran Foundation was conceived from the question “Where do people want to spend time for daily inspiration?” We envisioned a building that blends into the daily landscape instead of standing out; one that creates tension through heterogenous beauty while naturally absorbing the local ambiance and culture.

Each of the spaces in our mass concrete building offers a unique view due to the 360-degree arrangement of windows and terraces. Outside the windows flows the dynamic urban landscape from sunrise to sunset while the naturally lit interior highlights different aspects of the building according to the ever-changing light and shadow. As a venue where external and internal views cross and inspire each other, the Wooran Foundation hopes that visitors and residents experience stimulation and inspiration.

Space Filled with Emptiness

The Chinese character “景” means both “light” (gyeong) and “shadow” (yeong). Thus the character connotes light, shadows derived from the light, and the “landscape” (punggyeong) created by the harmony between the two. Defying all stereotypes of an exhibitive space, the Wooran Foundation has given each of its spaces the name “Gyeong” (-scape) in the hope of presenting uninhibited forms of art-scape.

The main spaces on the building's three floors are ART SCAPE 1, ART SCAPE 2, ART SCAPE 3, ART SCAPE 4, and ART SCAPE 5. By breaking the barrier between the audience and stage, and serving minimal exhibitive and performative functions, these “blank spaces” are newly defined by each project to accommodate infinite possibilities.


ART SCAPE 1, located on the first floor of the Wooran Foundation, is a space to present various projects focused on visual arts. (Area: 162.4㎡)

ART SCAPE 2, located on the second floor of the Wooran Foundation, is a space with no fixed stage or seats to allow versatile spatial division. (Area: 327.2㎡)

ART SCAPE 3, located on the third floor of the Wooran Foundation, is a residency studio for conducting diverse artistic experiments and in-depth research. (Area: 72.3㎡)

ART SCAPE 4, located on the third floor of the Wooran Foundation, is a recording studio that allows musical experiments as needed by creators. (Area: 48.3㎡)

ART SCAPE 5, located on the third floor, is a residency studio where arts and culture talent can broaden their scope and pursue progressive work. (Area: 74.6㎡)