The Wooran Foundation has been creating a sustainable arts and
culture ecosystem in which people with growth potential can blossom their contents on their own.

The Wooran Foundation was established in 2014 to carry on the legacy of Wooran (友蘭) Park Gye-hee, the founder of Walkerhill Art Museum, who aspired to cultivate creative minds and talents to create a liberal platform of culture where they could freely engage in creative activities. Just like the orchid (蘭, Ran) blossoms in a barren environment, we endeavor to create a fertile ecosystem to enable talented people to take root in the fiercely competitive arts and culture environment and grow on their own.

The Wooran Foundation sets its eyes on a talented person who has enthusiasm and potential to grow beyond his or her natural gifts through efforts. We at the Wooran Foundation focus on talented people who can enjoy the natural value of arts and culture and squarely face themselves, rather than pursue success based on social norms. Over the past four years, based on ‘Seeya the Project Box', the Wooran Foundation has created various performance and exhibition contents that do not follow trends or fashions. We have provided the people development program, including research or education, project development & support, and the planned performance and exhibition program for people to experience different starting points. The Foundation provides support for the entire process so as for the potential of the talents in the arts and culture sector to flourish in a better way.

Moving to Seongsu-dong in October 2018, the Wooran Foundation has started its second journey in earnest. In the new space where the entire process ranging from contents development to exhibitions and performances will take place organically, the Wooran Foundation envisions a new future which will be brought about by the growth of talented people in arts and culture and the change of environment surrounding them. We try to make talented people in different fields collaborate unlimitedly based on an openness, experimentation and permanence, and create a landscape in which both the creator and the visitor inspire each other. In the ecosystem where we can continue experiments with subject matters which are not familiar to us and quality contents can be recognized for their artistic values even though they are not commercially successful, the Wooran Foundation will create a forest for talented people to grow naturally on their own.

The Wooran Foundation pursues a sustainable change in the entire field of arts and culture
by establishing a new environment, which promises openness, experimentation and permanence.


The Open mind that communicates,
interacts with each other and respects
the value of collaboration


Boundless imagination and
experimental attitudes that
refuse to adapt to the existing order


Virtuous cycle ecosystem
in which timeless inspiration becomes
a contemporary aesthetic sense.



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