Planting Roots in Art

The Wooran Foundation was founded in 2014 to continue the legacy of “Wooran” Park Gye-hee, the founder of Walkerhill Art Museum who aspired to create a cultural space where talented individuals could pursue self-development and freely engage in art activities. We are committed to building an ecosystem of a virtuous cycle where talent in the competitive arts and culture environment can independently develop like orchids that bloom in the harshest environment.

Blossoming Potential

We help promising individuals gauge the feasibility of their ideas and implement them to help them achieve their potential in diverse ways. Guided by our perspectives and interpretations, we present performances and exhibitions that create trends and new paths in arts and culture.

Nurturing Autogenous Forests

Our vision is of nurturing an autogenous forest comprising talented individuals who can independently develop based on openness, experimentation, and permanence. We pledge to provide the ideal environment for researching and developing original ideas through extensive experiments and present quality content not subject to commercial evaluation, ultimately creating a landscape where creators and audiences inspire each other and a diversity of cultural and artistic values coexist.


An open mind to
communicate, empathize, and respect
the value of collaboration


Boundless imagination and
an experimental attitude that
challenges the conventional order


An ecosystem
in which timeless inspiration defines
the aesthetics of the times



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